The two letters P and K in Spanish are pronounced "pay" and "kah". The number 2 is pronounced "dōs". If you say it fast, it comes out "paykahdōs", which is spelled in Spanish pecados, which is the word for "sins" in result:

PK2 Helados = Frozen Sins

We don't use corn syrup, extra fat, egg yolks, artificial flavors or artificial colors. In result our helado is not as creamy like ice cream but it allows you to enjoy the natural flavor of the fruits without having to add artificial flavors. Also ice cream machines are designed to induce tiny air bubbles to add a more soft texture, in fact the final product could have up to 60% of air.

We have been living in albuquerque for over 13 years, and yeah we tried several places but none of them have the authentic flavors that we were used to in Mexico. Also the need for a better and healthier dessert for our kids made us to start making small batches of helado at home.

What does "PK2" stands for?
Why this helados doesn't make you feel full and heavy?
Why you decided to open this place?

Not really because Chihuahua and Jalisco are about 18 driving time of distance and we both agreed that what albuquerque currently have as "Authentic Mexican" actually is not mexican at all.

Well we both lived in Mexico for around 20 years, so we had plenty time to memorize the authentic flavors, personally a neighbor used to make and sell "nieve de garrafa" (helado) and i used to see the process. It was matter of finding the right ingredients and lots of practice. 

Is this a frachisee?

Nope, it's a local business family owned and operated.

Where did you learned to make all of this?
Is this product found only on an specific part of Mexico?

Hey, maybe you have more questions...


Albuquerque, New Mexico

United States



Tel: (505) 405-1144


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